France Teinture - Rejets d'eau maîtrisés

Controlled releases

France Teinture - Colorants autorisés

Allowed colourings

France Teinture - Économies d'énergie

Energy savings

Our dyeing processes apply the most recent techniques in order to best preserve the environment:

  • Optimized water consumption,
  • Choice of auxiliary products and colouring meeting the latest regulatory requirements (REACH
    Directive and Authorization to operate with self-monitoring of all discharged effluents).


Our company is subject to an administrative authorization to operate and monitored by the Regional Department of the Environment. We are required, as part of daily, weekly, monthly or semi-annual self-monitoring, depending on the nature of the parameters to be monitored, to take samples and analyze our effluents. We have also rigorous monitoring of water consumption. All of the dyeing effluents are collected in a new network of gutters before screen. Then, these effluents are sent to homogenization tanks where the PH is controlled and corrected by adding CO², before being taken over by the sewage system of the city for final treatment in the biological treatment plant. All controls on processes, as on machines, are regularly carried out, in accordance with French and European legal obligations.